Internet Security

We Won’t let your System be Compromised

It Business Consulting‘s Internet security solutions ensure all your files are protected from prying eyes. When you access your website as well as your files, of course you need to know only authorized eyes are in your system.

Don’t let your computer be a victim of attacks!

Our Business Partners

For your internet security, we partner with top providers. These companies offer you state-of-the-art products that will protect your network from malware intrusions, viruses, and other cyber attacks.

Antivirus solution

We have been a Business Partner with Threat Attack Security for several years. Their industry leading Vipre Anti-Virus solutions, boast a minimal footprint, and unparalleled protection.  Vipre Internet Security protects your systems from viruses, malware, spyware, including thousands of online threats. VIPRE antivirus award winning software protects against more than 300,000 new web threats daily, of course without slowing down your computer or causing you downtime to fix infected files.

Firewall solution

Dell’s best-in-class computer systems’ quality is evident the minute you open a box. We love Dell’s hardware solutions. We also know we can count on their support line if/when we run into a situation we need to escalate.

For internet security, SonicWall provides routers, firewall and WiFi solutions exceeding the performance of its competitors. SonicWall’s solution is a combination of hardware and software. SonicWall routers protect your business from attacks. Their firewall blocks cyber attacks, with state-of-the-art anti-virus products, anti-malware products as well as gateway protection devices and content filtering. SonicWall delivers solutions that will keep your business safe from attacks.

Backup solution

IT Business Consulting  has a Partnership with MSP360. We offer customized Enterprise class online backup and storage Solutions including SQL Database backups, secure 128-bit SSL encryption on data transfer and 256-bit AES encryption on data storage with a user defined key known only to the user; these features are important for internet security. ITBC Backup lets you backup and retrieve up to 30 version of a single file.

Software solution

We are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, experienced in Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of all Microsoft Network, Desktop and Handheld operating systems.

Anti-malware solution

Emsisoft offers an array emsisoft_resellerof products designed for Home and Business application.  Comprehensive malware and antivirus protection for your computers as well as Server and Enterprise Management for your network; additionally, Emsisoft has an “Emergency Tool Kit” for seriously infected devices.

Award winning solutions which in the first place maintain a small footprint on your system resources and additionally provide unparalleled on-line monitoring and protection This software keeps you safe while surfing the web, checking your mail or accessing files.

Emsisoft updates its malware definition files automatically every hour of every day, of course this ensures you have up to the minute protection.

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