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image of blackboardIT Business Consulting loves Network Preventive Maintenance.

When your computer isn’t running correctly, it can completely disrupt your business operations.

Computers are subject to wear and tear because of consistent use or unforeseen ‘accidents’, as a result this can cause permanent or temporary damage. IT Business Consulting, Inc. is experienced addressing problems such as computer and network repairs and upgrades, in fact, we are your perfect choice when professional help is needed during times of technology crisis.

We have been designing reliable networks since 1985; thus acquiring the knowledge to upgrade your servers or optimize your LAN and WiFi to perform as it should. We provide peace of mind by being pro-active minimizing downtime and reducing support issues.

Disaster Recovery

IT Business Consulting, Inc. has years of experience with disaster recovery and cloud data backup and we will help keep your business out of harm’s way.  Should a disaster occur, IT Business Consulting, LLC will have you back up and running quickly

Scheduled Network Preventive Maintenance

IT Business Consulting, Inc. isn’t just there when disaster strikes, we also offer network preventive maintenance programs. This ensure a continued stable and productive network. Our programs include checking data backup, anti-virus, spam and resolving user issues; in addition, we monitor network health, install security updates, check server specs and optimize the network for speed and reliability.

What About Your Additional Technology Needs?

IT Business Consulting, Inc. recognizes that for many businesses your printer is at the heart of your process. Yet printers often have difficult setup and installation. IT Business Consulting, Inc. is proficient in the installation, configuration and repair of most popular  brands of printers in the market today.

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